Fee Refund Policy

(1) A private career college shall refund all of the fees paid by a student under a contract for the provision of a vocational program in the following circumstances:

1The contract is rescinded by a person within two days of receiving a copy of the contract in accordance with section 36 of the Act.

2The private career college discontinues the vocational program before the student completes the program, subject to subsection (2).

3The private career college charges or collects the fees,

  • before the registration was issued for the college under the Act or before the vocational program was approved by the Superintendent, or
  • before entering into a contract for the provision of the vocational program with the student, unless the fee is collected under subsection 44 (3).

4The private career college expels the student from the college in a manner or for reasons that are contrary to the college’s expulsion policy.

5 The private career college employs an instructor who is not qualified to teach all or part of the program under section 41.

6The contract is rendered void under subsection 18 (2) or under section 22.

7If a private career college fails to, or does not accurately, provide in the itemized list provided to the Superintendent under section 43 a fee item corresponding to a fee paid by a student for the provision of a vocational program, the college shall pay the student,

    • in the case of an item not provided by the college, the full amount of the fee for the item, and
    • in the case of a fee in excess of the amount of the fee provided for the item, the difference between the amount of the fee for the item provided to the Superintendent and the fee collected.

A full refund is not payable in the circumstances described in paragraph 2 of subsection (1) if the discontinuance of the vocational program coincides with the private career college ceasing to operate.

A refund is not payable under paragraphs 1 to 6 of subsection (1) unless the student gives the private career college a written demand for the refund.

A refund under subsection (1) is payable by the private career college within 30 days of the day the student delivers to the college,

  • in the case of a rescission under section 36 of the Act, notice of the rescission; or
  • in the case of a refund under paragraphs 2 to 6 of subsection (1), a written demand for the refund.
Partial refund where student does not commence program

If a student is admitted to a vocational program, pays fees to the private career college in respect of the program and subsequently does not commence the program, the college shall refund part of the fees paid by the student in the following circumstances: